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Glassy IV2Sa HUD W.I.P.

This is a glass HUD for GTA SA. It contains a glassy phone too.
I gotta do the radar blips and weapons and it will be ready.

Coming Soon....

Shadows Settings Extender

This plugin will provide an opportunity to change the settings of the original shades.

Author: DK22Pac
Download: here

Hour Sync

This script synchronize the time from your PC with GTA SA.

If on your PC the time i's 7 o'clock in the morning, the game will be synchronized!

Alpha Stage!! Expect Bugs!!

Hot Pursuit

With this mod you can chase a car, call reinforcement of other cars, and even call a helicopter! 

All you need to do is to get a police car and press 1 to start the pursuit, if you need a police car, press 2 to call SAPD and they will send you a car, if you want  a helicopter, just
press 3.

Police Freeze!

Once you press key B, cj will stop and say Freeze Police!!.

*added romanian language

HD LAPD Necklace

LAPD Badge in HD.


A CLEO mod wich allows you to create roadblocks in front of  you by pressing ''+''

EJECT Seat beta

Let's say that you are flying and suddenly CRASH!
All you need to do is to press F and you will leave the seat like a real eject seat.

* only works with Hydra but in the next versions i will add more planes.

                                       Here is the eject seat model :D

SAPD Helipad

This script creates an helicopter with helipad on LSPD building roof.
To enter the roof, get inside LSPD building & head to the orange marker at end of the hall.

HD Sniper Scope

New sniper scope, day and night view + new sniper model (Dragunov) 

Surrender to Police (WIP)

Cleo script that allows you to surrender.

I didn't released it because i want to make a 3 in 1 mod...

- surrender
- go to the prison
- bribe the cop

Small & Simple Speedo

A simple but efficient speedometer.

Hide from Police

If the police is looking for you and you will hide somewhere for a while you will lose stars slowly.

Real Crime

With this mod when you will hear gunshots you'll be able to see details about it.


Hey, my name is Brebenel Silviu and in this blog you will find the coolest Police mods for GTA SA.

CLEO 4 Library

You will need this for a better function with my mods.